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Copier Toner Cartridge for Canon Npg 51 C-Exv33 C-Exv34 Npg-53 C-Exv35

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Proffisy premium compatible for Copier Toner Cartridge for Canon Npg 51 C-Exv33 C-Exv34 Npg-53 C-Exv35.

  • Model NO.: C-EXV 33

  • Feature: Compatible

  • Structure: One-piece Cartridge

  • Cartridge′s Status: Full

  • Bsw Service: International Express, Air Freight, Sea Shipping

  • Extra Service: Pick up, Storage, Trucking

  • Specification: SGS/ ISO/ MSDS /CE/Rohs

  • HS Code: 05080010

  • For Printer Brand: Canon

  • Color: Black

  • Number of Color: 5

  • Commdoity: Copier Toner Cartridge Npg50/51/53

  • Advantage Service: Custom Clearance

  • Trademark: Proffisy

  • Origin: Japan(Toner Powder)

    Product Description

    Copier Toner Cartridge for Canon Npg 50 / 51 / C-Exv 33 / C-Exv32/14/38 /(C-EXV 33); NPG-53/GPR-37/C-EXV35

    Copier toner cartridge Canon NPG51/NPG 50 / C-EXV 33/ C-EXV32
    Powder weight: 700g
    Used in Canon IR2525/2530/2520

    ModelUsed forGrams
    NPG-20/GPR-8/C-EXV5COPIER IR-1600/2000440g
    NPG-28/C-EXV14/GPR-18COPIER IR-2016/2020460g
    NPG-21/GPR-10/C-EXV7COPIER IR-1210/1230/1270/1510/1570/1300/1310/1630/1670280g
    NPG-32/GPR-22/C-EXV18COPIER IR-1018/1022465g
    NPG-54/GPR-38/C-EXV36COPIER IR-1018/1022
    NPG-25/GPR-15/C-EXV11COPIER IR-501K/728K/2230/2270/2830/3025/3030/IR3225/32301060g
    NPG-26/GPR-16/C-EXV12COPIER IR-502K/503K/735K/IR3035/3045/3235/3245/IR-3530/3570/4570/LBP45001219g
    NPG-27/GPR-17/C-EXV13COPIER IR-5570/65702000g
    NPG-29/GPR-19/C-EXV15COPIER IR-7105/70862000g
    NPG-36/GPR-24/C-EXV22COPIER IR-5055/5065/50753300g
    NPG-18/GPR-6/C-EXV3COPIER IR-2200\2800/3300795g
    GP-605/GPR-1/GPR-7COPIER GP-550/558/600/605/IR-85001260g
    NPG-50/GPR-34/C-EXV32Monochrome MFP IR2535i/IR2545i925g
    NPG-51/GPR-35/C-EXV33Monochrome MFP IR2520i/2525i/2525/2530i700g
    NPG-53/GPR-37/C-EXV35COPIER IR-8085/8095/8105
    NPG-35/GPR-23/C-EXV21Color MFP IR-C2020i/2025i/2030iC.M,Y270g/K:420g
    NPG-52/GPR-36/C-EXV34Color MFP IR-C2880i/3080i/3580i/2550i/3380iC.M,Y260g/K:575g
    NPG-45/GPR-30/C-EXV28Color MFP IR-AC5045i/5051Y:747/C.M:614/K:987g
    NPG-52/GPR-36/C-EXV334Color MFP IR-AC5030/5035C.M,Y:515g/k:963g


    Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 02 Aug,2018.

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