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How To Deal With The Toner Powder On The Cartridge Drum

- Mar 17, 2018 -

1. There are sticky substances on the drum OPC, such as grease, etc.

Solution: Wipe the drum OPC with a clean soft cloth

2. Filling powder is not filled

Solution: Be careful with powder filling, don't add too much at one time

3. The toner quality is not good

Solution: Selected quality toner

4. Problems with waste toner scraper (such as scratch, aging, etc.)

Solution: Replace the corresponding accessories

5. There is a problem with the silo scraper

  Solution: Replace the corresponding accessories

6. Guqin has a bruise

Solution: Replace the corresponding accessories

drum unit.png

Editor’s Note: This post was Updated by Proffisy on 17 Mar,2018.

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