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How to Refill Proffisy cc388a 88a cartridge laserjet pro mfp m128fn Easy Refill Toner Cartridge?

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Thanks for choosing Proffisy Brand Laser Toner cartridges. Proffisy is an international brand focusing on supplying premium compatible Laser toner cartridges & copier cartridges for all Laser Printer & copier machines under strict international quality standard  ISO9001, ISO14001,STMC, etc.

Proffisy is committed to continuously improving the user experience, improving print quality and saving on printing costs. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of the Proffisy R&D team, the “Easy Refill” laser print cartridges are now available for users to refill toner cartridge . This “Easy Refill” toner cartridge is designed for companies and individuals with a large demand for printing, such as companies and individuals engaged in e-commerce and other small to medium-size companies. 

Proffisy “Easy Refill” toner cartridges are equipped with new,  premium-quality, especially wear-resistant accessories to meet your printing needs. Handle your printing needs very conveniently and efficiently. However, continuous refilling will cause great wear and tear on the accessories. It is highly recommended to purchase new PROFFISY “Easy Refill” toner cartridge after refilling 2-3 times.


How to Refill Proffisy cc388a 88a cartridge laserjet pro mfp m128fn Easy Refill Toner Cartridge?

Proffisy share some tips with our friends:

Step 1, Find The Waste Toner Port ,Pour out the waste toner from

the used Proffisy CC388A toner cartridge, put the cap on.

88a refilling.jpg

Step 2, Find The Toner Refilling Port, Refill The Toner, after finish

then put the cap on.

for hp 388a toner.jpg

Proffisy Easy Toner Cartridge,Easy Refilling,Easy Printing!

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Whatsapp: 0086 18938939387

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 31 Jul,2018.

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