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EPSON Printer Market Share Is Only 1/4 Of HP In China 2017

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Recently, the world network of operators published the "2017 China Digital Industry Research Report". The report shows that in the printer market, HP has occupied almost half of the country, and the printer brand EPSON entered the Chinese market at the early stage, ranking 12% in the third place.

It is understood that the printing market has shown a steady growth trend in recent years, and there is no big change in the ranking of major brands in China.

The marketing strategy of HP's localization in China has made the sales of laser printers and integrated equipment grow continuously. Relatively speaking, EPSON sells inkjet printers only in China, so its total sales volume or growth rate is lagging behind HP and Canon with diversified products.

The report points out that at present, in the field of office equipment, integrated equipment with printers, copiers and scanner functions has gradually become the mainstream, and single printers, scanners and other devices have withdrawn from the mainstream market of office equipment.

Therefore, although the market share of EPSON scanners in the Chinese market is not low at present, with the emergence of the all-in-one, the scanner market is facing a shrinking dilemma, while EPSON's "lost ground" in China will expand rapidly.

In addition, the report also presented the list of brand names in the previous year, the top three are HP, Canon and EPSON. Insiders pointed out that in the field of office printers, brand attention is greatly influenced by the brand market share. The Matthew effect brought about by this brand makes the big brands tend to take the absolute advantage, while the other brands will be forced to become two or three lines and survive in the cracks.


Editor’s Note: This post was Published by telworld ,Published by Proffisy on 07March,2018.

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